We look at the cinema as a unique and powerful tool to explore the world around us.

Movies not only entertain us, they importantly can expand our horizons, leading us on a journey

that stimulates curiosity and controversy and make us confront with our deepest emotions.

Films reflect the beauty and complexity of our lives.

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Claudia Bedogni

Founder and

Managing Director of Satine Film

Welcome to Satine


Claudia Bedogni graduated with honors in Political Science-International Relations at the prestigious Cesare Alfieri University of Florence.


Her innate curiosity about the arts and the discovery of new cultures and her sensitivity to the social and critical issues of the world, led her to believe that joining the diplomatic service or an international organization could be the ideal way to transform her personal interests into a career.


She consolidated these passions during her studies while working at internationally respected cultural institutions such as the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Verdi Opera Festival of Roncole Verdi and by traveling the world as a tour guide and interpreter for travel agencies and private organizations.


But by chance, while she was preparing the examination for the diplomatic service, she was selected to participate in EMAM, the European Master for Audiovisual Management, a project launched as part of the Community 95 Media programme aimed at training professionals with an international industrial culture to be included in the management of films and audiovisual companies.


Being exposed to all the relevant aspects of film making, from the inception of a new film to its ultimate theatrical release in cinemas, Claudia realized that cinema could be a powerful tool for the circulation of information and challenging ideas.

Film distribution became an immediate attraction for her. After some years of collaboration with an independent distribution company where she became familiar with the dynamics linked to the cinema business, she eventually joined the renowned state-owned production and distribution company Istituto Luce/Cinecittà. There, in addition to identifying film projects for distribution and international co-production, Claudia contributed to the creation of film funds aimed at promoting relations and co-productions between countries.


Acquiring experience in the field of cinema led her towards her original goal of traveling the world for a better understanding of facts and cultures.


By founding Satine Film Distribuzione in 2012, Claudia was finally able to achieve her original dream,  providing her with a unique opportunity to combine the varied aspects of her life into a place of continuing discovery, learning and sharing.


At Satine Film her aim is to discover and introduce visionary and courageous cinematographic voices from all over the world which exemplify artistic values ​​and merits with relevant and challenging content.


It is cinema of the highest order, capable of entertaining but more importantly of providing an extraordinary occasion for reflection.